How To Find The Best Quality Ergonomic Chair And Save Money Too

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Ergonomics simply refers to the study of designing objects, like chairs, office chairs, keyboards, and workstations that are adapted to the form of the human body. It’s not likely you’ll find a really cheap ergonomic chair or cheap ergonomic office chair but you can find good quality low cost ergonomic chairs. Many times you can find them at a good discount. Some people spend thousands of dollars on new computers, and then buy a cheap chair from their furniture or office supply store, without giving a thought to their ergonomic health.

Ergonomics can be applicable in many work environments including, medical, industrial and laboratory but it’s growing more important than ever in today’s office environment. Everyone should pay more attention to ergonomics when shopping for or buying anything they are going to be using daily that can seriously affect one’s health resulting in chronic back pain, varicose veins, neck pain, headaches and many other medical or health complaints. Sitting posture is important. When buying an ergonomic chair you’ll want to choose an ergonomic chair that has all the necessary features you need and adjustments and still be affordable.

For business owners, ergonomic comfort is very important to help keep employees alert and less likely to develop lumbar and other back and neck pains resulting in sick days. If you are going to buy just one chair make sure to ask for a business discount. If you’re buying more than one chair you should be able to get a multiple chair discount. Just ask.

If you want an ergonomic executive office chair it usually has an adjustable headrest or neck rest. If you want an industrial chair it should have the durability for long-lasting use on a plant or manufacturing floor.

The fabric selection is important with ergonomic industrial chair because cleaning it may be an issue. Ergonomic intensive use chairs are durable and especially need to be ergonomic in design, because workers are usually sitting for many hours at a time. Deluxe drafting ergonomic chairs, medical chairs and dental chairs benefit greatly from using ergonomics. Clean room chairs and ESD chairs are also available; these chairs come with height adjustable options as well as seat pan and back option and they have inflatable lumbar support and footrest options.

The seat pan is the component of the chair that supports the majority of the weight of the user. Height adjustment pneumatic levers or also called gas lifts adjust seating height while in the chair. Three or four of your fingers should fit between the seat pan’s front edge and the back of the knees.

Use an ergonomic chair with casters and a 5-point base to ease movement and minimize possible tipping over. Your weight should be evenly distributed on the chair seat so look for a rounded or waterfall edge at the front of the seat, which prevents the seat from catching behind the knees and cutting off the circulation. Both home and office ergonomics are important because we spend a lot more hours when we work at the office or home office and then using the computer at home for other reasons. So be sure to use an ergonomic computer chair.

Look for adjustable width and height to support various tasks at hand, including writing and reading, to ease neck and shoulder tension and to help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. Inadequate lumbar support places excess pressure on the spinal cord. Remember, a lumbar support cushion properly placed behind the small of the back can help support the lumbar region.

Get ergonomic chair ratings: check out brands of ergonomic chairs and get ratings for the Herman Miller Aeron chair among others. Check out the ergonomic office chairs at Costco and make sure they are truly ergonomic and not just ergonomically designed. There is a difference. Prices are generally cheaper at the big box stores if you buy offline, however you can get many bargains online. Free shipping is often offered.

There are some online stores that will rent you ergonomic chairs and other expensive ergonomic equipment; you can try a chair for a month before deciding if you want to buy it and if you decide to keep the chair, the stores will apply the rental price toward the total cost. This may be a good deal if you want an expensive Aeron chair but need to know if it is the best mesh chair for you.

Whenever you see the designation ergonomically designed, find out if it’s truly an ergonomic chair or just a marketing ploy. Other ergonomic products you can buy cheaply enough include: document holders, ergonomic workstations, telephone mounts, ergonomic keyboards and mouse devices, footrests and speaker stands.


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